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About Herb Essentia

Herb Essentia is a collection of hand-crafted herbal products for natural health.  The product line includes herbal tea blends for a wide range of common ailments such as PMS, Menopause, Headaches & Migraines, Digestion issues, Constipation (No. 2 Tea), and more.  Other tea blends for good health include Mister Tea, Happy Day, and Quit Smoking, to name just a few.  The line also includes salves and balms such as Cuts & Bruises Salve, Anti-Itch Salve (for bug bites), and delicious lip balms with Shea Butter.

Herb Essentia is the creation of Aimee N. Youngs.  An advocate of herbal medicine for many years, she is currently working on the Master Herbalist program at Live Oak School of Natural Healing, and has studied under Rosemary Gladstar, the Godmother of modern Western herbalism.  Aimee is a member of the American Botanical Council, and lives in Miami, FL.  

For more information on herbs and natural healing, visit our blog.  

A Note on Herbs:

The effectiveness of herbs is highly personal, and while some may work well for you, others may not. It is a matter of trying a little at a time to learn more about how they may affect you.

Most herbs are best used over time, not to solely ease discomforts as they occur, but to help prevent them in the first place. Since many herbs also provide a variety of nutrients, this is another reason they can be beneficial over the long-term.

Although herbs are natural, they are a powerful form of medicine that has been used for thousands of years, and are still used prevalently throughout the world.  It is your responsibility to discuss with your doctor any herbs which may cause interactions with your medical conditions or medications prior to use.  

These statements not evaluated by FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If pregnant, or experiencing any medical conditions, be sure to discuss with your doctor about herbs that are safe for use.


Please note that all of Herb Essentia's products are hand-crafted, and utilize natural materials.  This means that there may be slight variations in the products.

Shipping Policy

Orders are shipped out within 2 business days of receiving your order.  At this time, we only ship to the United States via USPS Standard or USPS Priority.

Return Policy

Herb Essentia products are hand-crafted using quality herbs and materials.  Due to the nature of our products being useable, we do not typically accept returns, unless they are unopened, unused, in the original sold condition, and were purchased within the last 30 days.  Typically this would be acceptable if you found out from your doctor that you are unable to use the product due to a specific medical condition.  If there is any issue with your order, please contact us to discuss possible solutions.